Hedberg Public Library’s: Time Traveler’s Ball

Mingle Murder Mystery Fundraiser for Literacy

It’s the Hedberg Public Library’s 10th annual literacy fundraiser and they are taking their celebration to The Armory! Their “Night at the Library” has become a “Night Near the Library” – with the help of their biggest sponsor, Best Events Catering and Rentals!

This year, we’ll be traveling through time!

TimeCorp invites traveler’s from across the ages to attend the Time Traveler’s Ball to commemorate Founder’s Day – the moment time travel was discovered…right here in Janesville! But beware – not everyone believes in TimeCorp’s mission. Is someone willing to stop time travel DEAD in its tracks? And what does that mean for all the guests at the ball? Are they stuck in time forever?

Guests will enjoy food, drinks, dancing and….MURDER. Become a sleuth and help Dr. When find out WHO DUNNIT!

Tickets are $40 and will be available for sale on August 1.