The Armory has the best comedians and the best venue, every Friday night. Let professional nationally touring comedians tickle your funny bone every Friday Night in our Drill Hall Theatre. FNC features a fun and casual menu with nightly drink specials. Call the Armory to make reservations at 608.741.7400. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Comedy begins at 8:00 pm. Minimum age is 18. $10.00 per person. 2 outstanding comedians every show!

Doors open at 5:30 pm
Comedy begins at 8:00 pm
Minimum age is 18
$10.00 per person

2 Outstanding Comedians Every Show
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FRIDAY, January 30, 2015

Feature - ‎Spencer Dobson

He was born in the great, but mercilessly cold and bafflingly featureless State of North Dakota. Spencer started his comedy career in Minneapolis, MN, home of one of the largest malls in the world and a cheese burger with the cheese on the inside.

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Headliner - Dwight York

“I hope you like jokes” may seem an absurd way for a comedian to begin a show but those are the words that comedian Dwight York uses to introduce himself to his audience each night. Then the joke-slinging begins and never ends until York says “goodnight” a couple hundred perfect one-liners later.


FRIDAY, February 6, 2015

Feature - Dave Johnson

Based on a true story - Dave can’t pretend that growing older never hurts. At an age at when many men get that motorcycle, sports car, or toupee they’ve always wanted, Dave decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy. And now his hip hurts.

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Headliner - Brian Aldridge

A Chicago native with two television appearances under his belt and no doubt more to come, Brian is a rising comedy star. His sarcastic delivery and sharp wit will have you rolling with laighter one minute and asking yourself "did he really just say that?"


FRIDAY, February 13, 2015

Feature - ‎Mike O’Keefe

Mike is a young comic who prides himself on his original brand of self-deprecating jackasserey and a tireless work ethic. A former radio host, punk rock lead singer and college student (Graduated. Boom.)...

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Headliner - Bryan Cork

Born in Georgia. I’d like to be able to tell you I was born on the back of a melon truck, or while my parents were squirrel hunting. But, I was born in a military hospital. We were only in Georgia for a few years, not much left of that experience except an occassional ‘y’all’ in my speech.


FRIDAY, February 20, 2015

Feature - Kevin Ruble

Kevin was born in a small midwestern dot, thankfully everything he learned there he forgot. Kevin has a Fine Art Degree from Indiana University and his creativity has found many outlets.

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Headliner - Danny Browning

Born and raised in the glorious utopia that is rustic Southern Indiana, Danny’s a country boy at heart with a friendly sarcasm and sharp wit. You will laugh as he cleverly explains why his life is a living nightmare.


FRIDAY, February 27, 2015

Feature - ‎Zach Coulter

Minnesota native Zach Coulter is just your typical bookstore comedian/rapper/folk storyteller. Winsome charm and outstanding rhythm animate his tales of mundane insanity.

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Headliner - Nate Abshire

Nate started performing to spite a girl who wouldn't return his calls, and he never looked back. Audiences love his sardonic wit, keen writing, and playful stage presence.


FRIDAY, March 6, 2015

Feature - ‎David Harris

I'm pretty funny. This is what I do full time. Even in my sleep.

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Headliner - Todd Johnson

Todd has been performing stand up for 14 years. Coming from a small farming town in Idaho, which is a far place from something funny, Todd’s hilarious stories and quick wit keeps the audience wondering “Where did this guy come from?”.


FRIDAY, March 13, 2015

Feature - Keith Lenart

Keithhas toured internationally, working at comedy clubs and colleges all around the world, from California and Las Vegas to Canada, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos.

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Headliner - Dom Pare

Described as "one of the best new stand-ups around" by NOW Magazine, Dom Paré blends magnetic onstage charisma, hilarious observation, and clever writing to deliver memorable slide splitting comedy.


FRIDAY, March 20, 2015

Feature - ‎Geoff LaFleur

Geoff LaFleur comes to us from the great state of Wisconsin. He resides in a suburb just outside of Milwaukee and has bad posture.

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Headliner - Bill Bushart

"A bitter pill to swallow" is how Bill describes his brand of humor. The self-proclaimed King of Detroit Blue Comedy, was influenced by comedy greats Don Rickles, Richard Pryor and Bobby Slayton. His offbeat style and animated stage show leaves audiences begging for mercy.


FRIDAY, March 27, 2015

Feature - ‎Sydney Adeniyl

Sydney is a Nigerian-American comedian from Belleville IL, a small city near St. Louis MO. At an early age, he found a knack for making people laugh by improvising jokes for friends and family.

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Headliner - Scott Novotny

Scott was born and grew up in Mayo Clinic, MN (aka Rochester). He attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN where he double-majored in Theatre/Speech and English and has been performing stand-up comedy for 25 years.